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North Korea fires two ballistic missiles after US-South Korea drills – SUCH TV


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North Korea has fired two short-range ballistic missiles towards the eastern waters of the peninsula the seventh launch in two weeks of weapons tests after South Korea and the United States concluded their latest round of naval drills.

According to international media, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said Pyongyang fired the two missiles from the southeastern coastal city of Munchon early on Sunday. The first was fired at about 1:47am local time (16:47 GMT) and the second one some six minutes later.

The Japanese government also said North Korea had fired what appeared to be ballistic missiles.\

The two missiles reached an altitude of 100km (60 miles) and covered a range of 350km (217 miles), Japan’s State Minister of Defence Toshiro Ino told reporters.

Both fell outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone, and authorities were looking into what kind of missiles were launched, including the possibility that they were submarine-launched ballistic missiles, he said.

South Korea’s military condemned the launches as a “serious provocation” that undermined peace, noting they were a “clear violation” of UN Security Council resolutions.


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