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King Charles’ ‘slimmed-down’ Coronation plan faces backlash


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King Charles’ ‘slimmed-down’ Coronation plan faces backlash

King Charles III has been reportedly planning to hold a smaller and shorter Coronation next year in light of the cost of living crisis however the decision is being slammed by royal commentators.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, historian Andrew Roberts said that the ceremony should serve as a celebration following the conflict in Ukraine and the financial crisis in the country.

“Coronations come once in a generation,” he said. “If this is seen as a cut-price Coronation it will backfire. This is a chance to represent the people and the nation on a global stage. It would be very sad if that was wasted,” he said.

Moreover, Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Mather slammed the less formal dress code for the ceremony as he said: “No Coronation robes. Give them to a museum where they belong.”

“It’s not going to be a tweed jacket and pair of jeans – but morning suit or lounge suit.”

He continued: “Britain can only exert its soft power effectively if occasions like this are done well. A great pageant like a coronation is a chance to draw the attention of the world to Britain,” he added.

  “It could advertise Britain wonderfully,” Andrew added.

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