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Prince William faces ‘Prince of Wales’ title ‘opposition’ from Northern Wales


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Prince William and Kate Middleton  are not heartily welcomed by Northern Wales.

King Charles III bestowed Prince and Princess of Wales to the Cambridge couple a day after he took over the monarchy.

People of Northern Wales, however, have opposed this decision. The council voted that William should be kept ‘off Welsh soil’ as they find him a symbol of ‘oppression’ from the English.

A spokesperson for the council told the Mail Online: “At a meeting of the Full Council yesterday members voted in favour of the proposal that Gwynedd Council expresses its opposition to the continuation of the title of ‘Prince of Wales’ and asks the relevant authorities to consult formally with the people of Wales on the question of whether the title should be abolished or not.

“Members also voted in favour of the proposal that the Council opposes any investiture being held in Gwynedd, or anywhere on Welsh soil.

“No discussion was had regarding any specific location within the county.”

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