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Science & Environment

A rare, endangered bird hadn’t been seen for 140 years — but was just caught on video, scientists say

An elusive bird has been photographed on an island of Papua New Guinea, the first documentation of the animal...

Humans will live on the moon

Last week, NASA launched its long-awaited Artemis 1 flight, the first of several missions to establish a human presence...

Nasa’s Artemis spacecraft set to reach the Moon

Nasa's Orion capsule sets itself up to sweep past the Moon before entering into a larger orbit. Source link

Marine biologists capture audio recordings of coral to analyze reef health

Marine biologists capture audio recordings of coral to analyze reef health - CBS News ...

NASA’s Orion capsule closes in on the moon for a course-changing flyby

Nearly five days after its sky-lighting launch, NASA's unpiloted Orion crew capsule closed in on the moon Sunday, on...

Ukraine war: Germany looks to renewables after Russian invasion

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has crystallised the need for clean, renewable energy in Germany. Source link

How farmers are adapting to climate change

How farmers are adapting to climate change - CBS News ...

COP27: Climate costs deal struck but no fossil fuel progress

On Sunday, Antigua and Barbuda environment minister Molwyn Joseph, and chair of the Alliance of Small Island States, said the deal was a...

With climate change, crops migrate north

Farmers have always dealt with the whims of Mother Nature. But now climate change is changing what they can...

Climate change: Five key takeaways from COP27

The biggest win on climate since the Paris Agreement in 2015... or the biggest loss? Source link

The Ethiopian scientist on the search for water on the moon

Nasa research engineer Berhanu Bulcha is working on locating the vital liquid under the lunar surface. Source link

COP27: UN climate talks go into the night amid tense negotiations

Representatives at COP27 in Egypt have been locked in negotiations for far longer than expected. Source link

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