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Hadiqa reveals motivation behind flood relief efforts | The Express Tribune


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Singer Hadiqa Kiani has been tirelessly working towards flood relief since the heavy monsoon rains inundated a third of the country last month. Catering to Balochistan through her campaign, the singer has urged for donations time and again after visiting the people affected to put forth their needs.

Speaking about the motivation behind her efforts, the singer credited her mother, who advised her to give back to society after having made a name for herself through the people. The Boohey Barian crooner, in an appearance on a morning show with the Pinjra cast, divulged, “I think this is God’s calling — that’s what I think. The way something from Him is transmitted in your heart, some news, saying you have to do this, this is your duty. Then you have to do it and you can’t back out.”

She added, “This is also my mother’s desire. When she was conscious, I see her in a conscious state even though she is unconscious, she’s very critical. She always pushes me saying ‘If God has given you fame and respect, you need to give it back too. You have to give back to the society and the place you were born in.’”

Based on her experience of having visited flood-hit regions, the singer-cum-actor urged, “At this point we need to focus on construction and reconstruction. Right now, they are shelter-less, winter is coming and the water is stagnant. If there are people who can go on ground and pull out the water somehow, they must do that because it’s spreading a lot of disease.”

The Dobara actor added, “We are sleeping comfortably in our beds, eating dinner, lunch, doing everything. It doesn’t impact us. But right now, those people don’t even have roofs over their heads, the kids are battling infections — skin infections, stomach infections — the things I’ve seen with my own eyes, I can’t even express.”

Kiani pleaded everyone to not to forget their homeless brothers amidst celebrations. “Don’t forget those people in your happiness, remember their pain and if you remember, please do something about it as well. We can’t just sit at home saying, ‘oh, poor flood affected people, oh, poor flood affected people.’ This should not happen.”

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