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5 daily rituals that can help you maintain mental health


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World Mental Health Day 2022: Do you often find it difficult to sleep and feel energized to do any work? Do you also feel dull and exhausted even after having endless cups of tea and coffee? Does everything around you only make your mood worse? Well, it is not because you are having a bad day but bad phase. However, you aren’t alone.

The everyday stress takes a toll on your mental health and is making you go through a bad phase which can take your productivity down to another level. Thus, even if it is hard to do, you need to follow a daily routine which includes self-care practices. This will not only refresh your thoughts but also rejuvenate you as per the need.

Here are the 5 rituals that you can practice every day to start your day on the right note.

Meditation and gratitude

Meditation, if done the right way, can work wonders. Research proves that gratitude meditation is all what is needed for a greater sense of happiness and well-being. This will help you focus on positivity and will also relieve depression.

Short yoga or workout sessions

Exercise can help you remove laziness from your body. It contributes a lot towards producing and balancing hormones which lightens up your mood and fill your heart with ‘feel good’ energy and thoughts.

Any physical activity – be it walking, dancing or sports, can make you feel alive and thus, it is important to practice yoga or workout sessions.

Eat the right food

So, what is right food? Well, any nutrient rich food is the right kind of healthy food which gives you energy and rejuvenate your body and thoughts as well.

Stay with your loved ones

Spend time with those who make you feel safe and comfortable. A conversation with them and laughter can make you feel lighter and releases oxytocin which makes a person more calm and more mentally relaxed.

Note down your goals and intentions

Take a moment to write your goals and intentions. Plan how you want to spend your day and if you write what you aim at and what you want to do, it refreshes your mind and motivates you to achieve more.

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