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Pinktober: Five meaningful things to do for breast cancer awareness month


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A woman holds a pink ribbon in her hand.— Unsplash

World Cancer Research Fund reports that breast cancer affects approximately 2.3 million women in the world. 

In the breast cancer awareness month, Pinktober, many people have good intentions and want to contribute to the cause of awareness, early detection, and support.

Pinktober must go beyond pink ribbons and social media hashtags. Therefore, the following are five meaningful things Healthline recommends you do:

1. Help the warriors you know

The first and best thing to do is to support the breast cancer patients you know. Ask them what you can do for them. The support does not necessarily have to be listening to them. Maybe they need their dog walked or the kitchen cleaned.

2. Support research initiatives

One of the most meaningful ways to contribute to breast cancer is by donating to research initiatives that are working to find treatments and better diagnostic ways. 

3. Support over awareness

When you decide to donate to an organisation, focus on how it supports its patients, not awareness. Support can be in the form of makeup workshops, wigs, and exercise classes. Donate to charities that help patients emotionally and physically.

4. Talk more about free mammograms

A mammogram is a medical way to diagnose breast cancer. These X-Ray images can help detect cancer as early as three years before the tissue develops, according to CDC.

This means a mammogram can help hundreds of women. Help spread the word about free or discounted procedures after finding out about public and private practitioners offering these.

Free mammograms might especially be available in the month of October.

5. Start your own donation drive

You can help a lot by launching your own donation drive this month. Companies, clinics, educational institutes, and other organisations are especially active these days. Through traditional and non-traditional ways, you can collect funds to donate to relevant groups.

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