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Netizens reacts to Kanye West 2024 presidential run


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Netizens reacts to Kanye West 2024 presidential run

Netizens did not received well on the news of Kanye West announced to run in the 2024 presidential race.

Per Sportskeeda, the Twitter account of Raw Alerts shared three promotional videos of Ye’s campaign.

The first video claimed that Adidas froze his bank accounts and sued him for $275 million in advertising fees.

While the second video began with slight footage of Yeezy headquarters in Los Angeles, where Ye said he asked former president Donald Trump to be his Vice President.

The third video depicted Tucker Carlson discussing Donda rapper being cancelled by the fashion industry and international media after he wore a “White Lives Matter” t-shirt during Paris Fashion Week.

However, Twitter did not welcome the news as Ye may have hoped.

One user wrote, “@rawsalerts What a bizarre time to be alive.”

While another netizen commented, “Ye just needs to do what the Lord has gifted him with: Music. That’s all I will say.”

Another user completed the point, “@rawsalerts What times we live in …man.”

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