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King Charles III hints being ready for ‘potential attack’, says body language expert


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King Charles III’s recent photos with Queen Consort Camilla have interested a body language expert who thinks the new monarch sent a signal that he’s ready for a “potential attack”.

During her conversation with The Mirror, expert Judi James noted that Charles portrayed an “unusual” gesture in the photo, which may be to indicate that he’s “forming up under potential attack.”

“As any tribe or dynasty knows, a show of unity, continuity and strength is vital once it loses a leader,” Judi noted. “The royals are making exactly the right ‘survival’ statement here, following the death of the queen.”

The expert further explained: “This looks like a forming up under potential attack, particularly from the direction of the US, and Charles’ unusual PDA of placing an arm around Camilla’s back, mirroring her arm round his, could be seen as a message in the same direction, as there have been rumours that Harry could have been critical of Camilla in his new book.”

She added: “Charles has included his direct heir and wife Kate in the line-up to signal the continuity, and the fact they are in one line of four, rather than with William and Kate placed slightly behind Charles, suggests a sense of ‘I’ve got your back’ teamwork.”

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