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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle think ‘only they hold the cards’ to forgive the Firm?


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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle blasted for thinking they are the ‘only ones’ able to “dispense forgiveness” within the Firm.

Royal commentator and author Daniela Else issued this insight in her new piece for news.com.au.

She began by highlighting how ‘funny’ is the “notion that the Sussexes would seem to think they are the ones in the position to dispense forgiveness, Oprah-style and that the royal family would be wholly open to their outreach.”

“If the Queen had not gone to the great gin bar in the sky and was still with us (if only…), how did this all playing out?”

“That Harry could publish his autobiography, full of his ‘truth’, possibly containing any number of barbs aimed at Charles, Camilla, the Waleses and The Firm in general, followed by their documentary, only for the couple to waltz back into the Palace forecourt to greeted with warm embraces and hot buttered crumpets?”

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