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New documentary reveals how Prince Andrew falls from grace on a royal and international scale


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Prince Andrew’s good days seem to be far away from him as a new explosive documentary takes aim at him.

Prince Andrew: Banished premiered last week on Peacock; its description on the platform calls the film “the story of how, through arrogance and lust, the Duke of York’s scandals and his friendship with sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein nearly sank the British monarchy.”

According to reports, The documentary achieves a no-holds-barred, highly critical deep-dive into a man whose nicknames ranged from “The Playboy Prince” to “Air Miles Andy.”

Interviewees included everyone from palace guards and journalists to socialites and royal secretaries, with almost no one having a positive thing to say about teh disgraced prince.

People, who interviewed for the documentary, expressed disbelief at how he had conducted himself, in a manner wholly removed from that of the rest of his family, even before news broke of his association with Epstein and accusations of abuse by Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

“Prince Andrew was one of the lads,” Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, as per Independent, says in the film. “He was very mischievous. And of course, Prince Phillip loved this boy who was everything that perhaps Charles hadn’t been. So he had even more attention lavished on him.”

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