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Meghan Markle accused of damaging royal family and monarchy


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Piers Morgan, who knew Meghan before she met Prince Harry, made serious allegation against the Duchess, saying she’s ‘systematically trying to damage the Royal Family and the monarchy.’

Morgan told the Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine: ‘She’s deliberately made herself, along with Harry, a big story for the last few years. My job, on the morning show when I was there, and in my newspaper columns, is to comment on the news.’

The former Good Morning Britain host defended: ‘I haven’t written about them any more than other columnists. It’s just because people know that I knew her before she met Harry. They know she never spoke to me again the moment she met him, which I just thought was quite rude and weird.’

The 57-year-old TV presenter added he ‘can’t pretend’ his initial interaction with the Suits star ‘hasn’t informed my view about what her character’s like.’

He also claims to have ‘tried to be fair’ but believes it’s ‘very hard in her case,’ adding, “at her core, you’ve got somebody who is quite malevolent, who is systematically trying to damage the Royal Family and the monarchy.”

However, Meghan and Harry’s fans – called Sussex squad – have hit back at Morgan for his comments against the Duchess, alleging him of unhinged obsession with the Duchess.

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