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Prince Harry’s royal attacks ‘at breaking point’ for Firm: ‘Outcast!’


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Prince Harry has been given a dire warning about his continued royal attacks against the Firm.

This claim has been made by foreign policy expert, Nile Gardiner, in an interview with Express UK.

Gardiner began by saying, “The British public has run out of patience with them and Meghan especially is a very unpopular figure.”

“There is more goodwill towards Harry but that would evaporate immediately if he puts out a book that attacks his own family. Any remaining respect for Harry would just disappear at the drop of a hat.”

“The release of a book with attacks against the Royal Family would end all hopes of reconciliation with the royals. It would burn bridges, it would be hugely destructive and Harry would be a complete outcast.”

“Harry should withdraw his book, which will clearly be hugely controversial and could contain a great deal of criticism of the Royal Family.”

“It is likely to be a very highly-charged book and Harry should do the right thing and withdraw his book from publication, especially in the wake of the Queen’s death as that would be very disrespectful.”

Before concuding“Harry and Meghan run the risk of being exiled from the UK with any more attacks on the Royal Family.”

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