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Prince Harry dishes out real reason he began smoking


Prince Harry dishes out real reason he began smoking
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Prince Harry is dishing out the real reason he began smoking during the early years of his life.

The Duke of Sussex, in his memoir ‘Spare’ talks about how he ran off from his school to bunk and light up a cigarette with his pals.

He begins: “Sometimes my new mates and I would escape, head for Windsor Bridge, which connected Eton to Windsor over the River Thames. Specifically we’d head to the underside of the bridge, where we could smoke tabbage in privacy.”

He added: “My mates seemed to enjoy the naughtiness of it, whereas I just did it because I was on autopilot. Sure, I fancied a cig after a McDonald’s, who didn’t? But if we were going to bunk off, I’d much prefer heading over to Windsor Castle golf course, knocking a ball around, while drinking a wee beer.”

“Still, like a robot, I took every cig offered me, and in the same automatic, unthinking way, I soon graduated to weed,” Harry noted.

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