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Shah Rukh Khan thinks his children are ‘better’ human beings than him


Shah Rukh Khan claims his children are ‘better’ human beings than him 
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Shah Rukh Khan has three kids Aryan Khan, Suhana Khan and Abram Khan. Two of his kids are all set to make a debut next year. The actor himself is all set to make a comeback through Pathaan. While he is promoting his recent film, media revisits the time he said his children are better human beings than him.

He also revealed that he has never forced or influenced his kids to choose a profession. He has always been very considerate with his family and supports in whatever decision they take. However, his kids decided to follow his footsteps. Suhana will be seen in Zoya Akhtar’s film next.

Talking about the kindness his children have, he said, “None of my children have my habits. I thank god for that. They are good kids. The only commonality between Suhana, AbRam and me is that we get dimples. They are much better human beings than I am.”

He further added, “They should do whatever make them happy and be healthy. I never ask my children to become an actor, engineer. They can be whatever they wish to be.”

SRK will be seen in Pathaan next. The film is scheduled to be released on Thursday. 

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