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Dispelling Common Hair Care Myths During the Transitional Period


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As we transition from winter to summer season, there are quite a few fallacies which can be held in regards to the promise of wholesome, luscious hair. Suppose you have been instructed or heard that you just shouldn’t wash your hair every single day as a result of it will probably trigger breakage or that you must periodically oil your hair to deal with dandruff. Let’s bust a couple of of those misconceptions.

Fable 1: You shouldn’t wash your hair every single day as a result of it will probably break your hair.

The reality is that in the course of the summer season, our hair is regularly uncovered to pollution, chlorine, and the solar. Subsequently delicate cleansing is critical every single day. By utilizing a sulfate-free shampoo, you’ll be able to keep your hair’s bounce and shine with out stripping it of its pure oils.

Fable 2: Conditioning your hair within the warmth makes it oily.

Reality- After being uncovered to numerous components like solar and chlorine, the hair turns into dry and broken. Therefore, making use of a high quality conditioner will reduce the dryness and hurt performed. The usage of deep conditioning masks contributes to more healthy hair as properly. To seal in moisture, conditioner is at all times utilized to the ends or the center of the hair.

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Fable 3: As a result of hair oils make hair sticky, they shouldn’t be used in the summertime.

Reality: Utilizing hair oil to the hair can provide it a layer of defence towards injury, protecting it easy and lustrous. The fatty acids within the oil replenish the hair’s depleted lipids, fortifying it from the within out.

Fable 4: Frequent haircuts encourage more healthy and extra strong hair progress.

Reality: Neither the hair roots nor the follicles are impacted by haircuts. The variety of cut up ends will lower with repeated haircuts.

Fable 5: Wholesome hair could also be achieved with 100 every day brush strokes.

The reality is that frequent, aggressive brushing can weaken and injury hair. As an alternative, tender brushing can enhance blood move. Don’t brush moist hair as that may trigger hair breaking.

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Fable 6: Usually change out your shampoo and conditioner.

Quite a lot of circumstances, together with any chemical remedies you’ve given your hair or the place you reside, will decide if you might want to change to a brand new shampoo or conditioner. Your hair might profit from utilizing the suitable shampoo and conditioner.

Fable 7: Oiling your hair would eradicate dandruff.

Reality: A pores and skin fungus is what causes dandruff. You can not eliminate dandruff by oiling your hair. You possibly can resolve your dandruff points by utilising a good anti-dandruff shampoo.

Fable 8: Summertime warmth model causes extra hair injury.

The reality is that warmth styling can hurt your hair all year long, not simply in the summertime. Earlier than utilising any warmth styling instruments, at all times apply an acceptable warmth protectant to the hair.

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Fable 9: Water might easy out curly hair.

The reality is that including water to your hair gained’t make it much less frizzy; actually, it will probably make it extra so. Use nourishing hair care merchandise as an alternative to retain moisture in and obtain beautiful, luscious locks!

Fable 10: Dandruff solely happens within the winter due to the chilly and goes away in the summertime.

Reality: Even in the summertime, dandruff may cause irritation since sweat drying on the scalp can result in flaking and itching. Begin washing your hair extra typically in case you perspire loads.

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Fable 11: Summertime is when hair progress ceases.

Reality: On account of enhanced pores and skin circulation in the summertime, consultants have found that hair grows 10-15% quicker.

That includes insights from doctor and The Bombay Pores and skin Clinic’s founder, Dr. Batul Patel.

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