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Why is lemon demand surging astronomically in China as Covid-19 infection hike across country?


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New Delhi: Demand of lemons reportedly have risen astronomically in covid-affected China as people turn towards natural remedies to cure the contagious disease. China has seen one of the worst covid outbreaks in the country after the country left behind stringent zero-covid policy that had kept people away from covid infection since the origin in 2019.

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However, covid cases have risen phenomenally in the world’s most populous country after the abolition of zero-covid policy across the country.

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Chinese farmers informed that prices of lemons have sky-rocketed in several provinces of China due to unprecedented demand. The high demands are coming from big cities like Beijing and Shanghai. People are resorting to natural products like foods to get vitamins in order to boost their immunity. According to the reports, lemons used to sell 2 or3 yuan per half kilo, which are now selling at double rate about Rs 6 yuan.

Sales of other fruits including oranges and pears are also soaring on Dingdong Maicai, an e-commerce platform selling fresh produce, according to local media. Canned yellow peaches are another item in demand, as some Chinese believe that the cold and sweet fruit can improve the appetite, especially when you’re sick.

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