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Hawaiian Airlines HORROR: Flight passengers severely injured after turbulence, video surfaces


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The Hawaiian Airlines flight carrying 300 passengers faced a severe turbulence incident. The incident caused injuries to several people onboard, following which National Transportation Safety Board said on Monday that it has started to probe the incident. Now, a disturbing video of the cabin of the plane showing severely injured passengers has surfaced online. The video of the Airbus A330 plane shows injured passengers sitting on their seats after facing the turbulence.

The video posted by a user going by the name Vinamralongani shows a video recorded by one of the passengers onboard. The disturbing video starts by showing multiple things thrown here and there on the plane’s aisle. Later on, the person holding the camera moves on to show the blood-soaked passengers sitting on their seats. It is to be noted that multiple passengers can be seen dealing with the trauma caused by the injuries and the turbulence. (Viewers discretion advised)

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Furthermore, the video shows the torn roof of the cabin of the plane. The aircraft’s roof sustained damage in multiple places. As the person holding the camera walks down the aisle, it is easy to show the roof covers torn apart with the inside wiring fully exposed.

Video of Hawaiian Airlines after turbulence (Viewer’s discretion advised)

Such turbulence is uncommon and exceptional, according to Hawaiian Airlines Chief Operating Officer Jon Snook, who also noted that the carrier has not recently encountered anything similar. He claimed that among the hurt were three flight attendants. There were two altitude drops, one of which, according to Jazmin Bitanga, who was also flying home for the holidays, was so severe that it knocked her boyfriend’s water bottle into the roof of the aircraft.

After the turbulence, the Airbus A330-200 started to descend quickly, according to Snook. Due to a large number of injuries on board, the crew reported an emergency, and the air traffic controllers gave the flight priority landing. According to Snook, the aircraft will go through a full inspection and maintenance, particularly to fix cabin-related parts.

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